Anchored On Hope Podcast

Broken but Mended

July 4, 2020

One thing that you must understand is that to be broken is not a bad thing. It is the announcement that finally you are in the hands of the porter and that in a little while you will come out as a perfect golden vessel, in the hand of God, through whom the ointment of worship will be poured on the head of the Lord. So embrace your season of brokenness, for like Mary, it is preparing for you a place in and with God, in which, wherever the gospel of the Kingdom is spoken, your act of sacrifice and worship before God will be spoken of as a memorial to you.

Mary has done her job of anointing the body of the Christ for burial and now He sits at the right hand of God, the Father. But the question now is this, what about you? What is your brokenness producing for you and for God?

Think about it.

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